Kaleigh "Lil Momma" Lucas

by Roy Peake

I can’t remember how I ran across Kaleigh Lucas’ profile or highlights, but I do know that they stood out to me. The first and obvious feature is her stature. Let’s just say that her handle @Lil_momma_28 is fitting. I was intrigued and impressed by what I saw on her highlights. Her ballhandling and passing seemed advanced for someone her age. Little did I know that she would be playing JV basketball as a 6th grader. Let that sink in. Unbothered by the age and size difference Kaleigh, playing with Legion Collegiate Academy, puts up a cool 22 points in her very first high school game at 12 years old. She followed that with a 31 point performance. I had the opportunity to see Kaleigh play in person December 14. Again what struck me was her size, but what I realized early in the game that it was not a concern to her. She played with poise and control. I was immediately impressed by her ability to make the right plays. She found her open teammates early and often. She very easily could have taken shots that would be considered good shots but she created scoring opportunities for others by leading them to better shots. On the other end she plays defense with a lot of energy and effort. She always kept her player in front of her. Kaleigh displayed good footwork and took the right angles. Again she created many scoring chances for herself and her teammates in transition. She understands that running in transition helps facilitate that. The only thing that was a possible question was her ability to shoot, only because I hadn’t seen much of that part of her game. She answered that question. She missed her first 3 point attempt, but I didn’t see her miss another one. Kaleigh finished her third game of the season with 23 points, 9 steals and 4 assists. She added 22 points, 3 assists, 5 steals and 3 rebounds in game 4. Kaleigh has the foundation to be a special player. I for one will be tracking her progress and growth as a player.