by JGBL Staff

These are the player evaluations from  our Top 80 Showcase on February 25-26 in Augusta Ga.

Kobi Barnes  2026 6’1” F  Evans, GA - JGBL TOP 80 SHOWCASE AUGUSTA GA

Strengths: Excellent rebounder on both ends of the floor. Runs the floor really well. Causes problems on the defensive end by using her length to block or change shots. Converts offensive rebounding scoring chances at a high rate.

Weaknesses: Needs to be able to finish over both shoulders and both hands around the rim. Occasionally has issues catching and finishing on the move,

Going forward: Kobi has an extremely high ceiling. Improving ball handling and improving her ability to play facing the basket and on the perimeter will make her a highly sought after talent.

Ashley Walker 2027  5’8 F North Augusta SC-JGBL TOP 80 SHOWCASE AUGUSTA GA

Strengths:  Well rounded skill set. Handles the ball well in transition.  Sees the floor well and is a willing  and accurate passer. Runs the floor and finishes well in transition. Can guard multiple positions on defense.

Weaknesses: Can sometimes defer to others. With size and athleticism she has the potential to dominate the game on both ends. Didn't display a lot of perimeter play.

Going forward:  With Ashley’s size and athleticism Ashley can be a match up nightmare.  Developing a more consistent perimeter game and an aggressive mindset will make her a dangerous scoring threat. Continued focus on her skill set and learning how to take advantage of mismatch opportunities she has potential to be a special player

Kaleigh Lucas 2028  5’0  PG Rock Hill SC-JGBL TOP 80 SHOWCASE AUGUSTA GA

Strengths: Consummate PG. Can make plays for herself and others.  Has the ability to score on 3 levels. Sees the floor well and can make accurate one hand passes with either hand. Despite size finishes with contact and both hands and various finishes.  Competes on the defensive end and understands angles.

Weaknesses:  Can sometimes get in trouble because of her extreme confidence and works too hard for scoring opportunities.

Going forward: Kaleigh already posses a high level skill set. If she stays focused and determined to keep improving those skills and learning the intricacies of running the point she has the potential to be a high level PG prospect. 

Abby Roberts 2027  5’7” G   Powell TN-JGBL TOP 80 SHOWCASE AUGUSTA GA

Strengths:  Stays in attack mode on both ends of the floor.  Offensively she attacks the rim relentlessly.  Finishes with contact consistently. A very willing and accurate passer.  Abby takes that same mind set on the defensive end as well. Extremely competitive. Chases loose balls, rebounds well for her position.

Weaknesses:  Needs to focus on improving perimeter game beyond the mid range and show a little more patience on the offensive end to recognize scoring opportunities.

Going forward:  Once Abby develops a more consistent perimeter game to go with her attacking mindset this will expand her game and make her a major scoring threat.  She has big time potential.

Lillie Harris 2026  5’1” PG  Dallas GA-JGBL TOP 80 SHOWCASE AUGUSTA GA

Strengths: Lillie plays under control. Has a good understanding of how to run the point. She has a pass first PG mentality.  Does a good job of finding others in scoring opportunities especially in transition. She competes on the defensive end and does a good job of guarding her position. 

Weaknesses:  Didn’t consistently show the ability to break down the defense and create scoring opportunities off the dribble for herself and others. 

Going forward:  Lillie picks up things quickly.  If she develops an aggressive mind set offensively to go  along with her willingness to find others it will elevate her game.

Autumn Washington 2026  5’10”  G  Pineville NC-JGBL TOP 80 SHOWCASE AUGUSTA GA

Strengths: Extremely competitive and athletic. Autumn rebounds on the offensive end at a high level. Plays with physicality. Excels in transition. Autumn finishes at the rim with both hands through contact. Can defend perimeter and interior positions. Autumn is an eager learner and picks up instructions quickly.

Weaknesses: Needs to develop a consistent perimeter game. Relied heavily on her physical play and didn’t show the ability to score on the perimeter. 

Going forward: If Autumn commits to improving her perimeter shot to go along with her ability to use her size and athleticism she would add value as a match up problem on both ends

Montana Jenkins    2026  5’6  SG   Augusta GA-JGBL TOP 80 SHOWCASE AUGUSTA GA

Strengths: Montana shoots the 3 at a high level.  Understands how to get to spots to create perimeter scoring opportunities. Scores at the rim in transition.   Uses size and athleticism to defend multiple positions.

Weaknesses:  Sometimes relies on her ability to shoot on the perimeter instead of taking advantage of scoring opportunities in the lane.

Going forward:  If Montana works on creating scoring opportunities off the dribble and using it to create space on the perimeter would add value as a 3 level scorer.

Aaliyah Silver   2026  5’3”  G  Evans GA-JGBL TOP 80 SHOWCASE AUGUSTA GA

Strengths: Athletic player. Has the ability to be disruptive on the defensive end.  Competes and defends her position at a good level. 

Weaknesses:  Needs to work on the ability to use left hand. Didn’t take advantage of possible scoring opportunities.

Going forward:  Aaliyah’s defensive ability is ahead of her offense at this time but dedicating time to improving ball handling and taking a more aggressive offensive mind set would elevate her status.

Layla Brinson: 2028  5’5”  G   Martinez GA-JGBL TOP 80 SHOWCASE AUGUSTA GA

Strengths: Athletic guard who attacks the rim. Showed the ability to make some mid range and perimeter shots. Plays with confidence and competes on the defensive end.  

Weaknesses: Needs to work on being a consistent perimeter shooter, and converting scoring opportunities in traffic.  

Going forward: Layla has the potential to be effective at both guard positions. A focus on being a more consistent shooter and finisher would compliment her aggressive mindset.

Emily McMurray 2027  5’1”  PG  Evans GA-JGBL TOP 80 SHOWCASE AUGUSTA GA

Strengths:  Emily is a solid ball handler and plays under control. A very willing passer who looks to find others for scoring opportunities. Showed the ability to make mid range shots. Picks up things quickly and is eager to learn.

Weaknesses: At times had issues with creating separation to get her shot off and penetrate to create scoring chances for others.

Going forward:  Dedicating time to work on separation moves and aggressively penetrating to break down the defense will go well with her ability to run an offense.

Emery Jones   2027  5’7”  F  Flowery Branch GA-JGBL TOP 80 SHOWCASE AUGUSTA GA

Strengths:  Emery played with effort and energy.  Competed on both ends and showed the ability to be a solid rebounder on both ends of the floor.  Processed instructions and worked to incorporate into her game.

Weaknesses: Struggled at times with the speed of the game. Needs to use size to be more impactful on both ends of the court.

Going forward:  Focusing on improving fundamentals and skill work and gaining experience by playing more will create positive results for Emery

Makayla Broome   2026  5’9”  F  Cleveland TN-JGBL TOP 80 SHOWCASE AUGUSTA GA

Strengths: Good size and solid fundamentals and skills.  Contributes by helping others create s coring chances by setting screens and being a willing passer. Makayla is a very capable shooter.

Weaknesses: Needs to use size as an advantage to affect the game on both ends.

Going forward:  Developing a more aggressive mind set on both sides of the court will go a long way in advancing her game.  Has the size and ability to be a match up problem on offense.

Jordan Cavalier  2026  5’7”  F  Evans GA-JGBL TOP 80 SHOWCASE AUGUSTA GA

Strengths: Despite being an undersized post Jordan plays with physicality and does a good job rebounding on the offensive end.  Also displayed the ability to step out of the perimeter to make shots.  

Weaknesses: Can sometimes settled for perimeter shots while other scoring opportunities were available. Could look to be more impactful as a low post scorer now while developing perimeter skills.  

Going forward: Dedicating time to speed and agility and being a more consistent player on both ends will give Jordan the foundation to build her game as a versatile player.  

Sarah Ashley Hyatt  2026  5’10  F  Evans GA-JGBL TOP 80 SHOWCASE AUGUSTA GA

Strengths:  Sarah plays with a lot of energy and effort.  She is a solid defensive rebounder, showed the ability to be a shot blocker and changes shots. She was aggressive in looking for her shot on multiple levels.  

Weakness:  While being aggressive looking for her shot it occasionally lead to difficult shot selections.  Sometimes forced action when a little patience was needed.

Going forward: Sarah plays with energy and confidence.  A strong dedication to skill work, ball handling and perimeter shooting could make Sarah an intriguing prospect going forward. 

Chase Thomas 2026 5’8” PG Columbia, SC: JGBL TOP 80 SHOWCASE AUGUSTA GA Strengths- Can really score the basketball. 3 level scorer. Has great size for the position. Shot the ball really well with range. Very good off the dribble and can finish with both hands. Competes on both ends

Weaknesses- Settled for the jump shot too much at times. With her ability and size she could put pressure on the defense consistently by attacking to create for herself and others.

Going forward- I think Chase could be a player that shoots 6+ free throws per game. Attacking the basket will not only get her to the line but also open up the 3pt shot where she has the ability to really get it going. Has the potential to be an elite scorer. 

Chabria Tate 2027 5’6” PG Evans, GA: JGBL TOP 80 SHOWCASE AUGUSTA GA

Strengths- Strong right driver. Really good with the ball and can create a shot for herself at any time. Physical guard who can finish through contact. Good floater when she attacks left. Confident and competes.

Weaknesses- Handling the ball against pressure. Has to become a better shooter from behind the arc. With her ability she should create more opportunities for her teammates.

Going forward- As Tate continues to improve her shot, creating for others, and going left. She will have a chance to play at a high level. You can't keep her out of the paint. She will be a scoring point guard and with her athleticism and physicality will be able to play off the ball as well.

Blaire Ball 2027 5’7” F North Augusta, SC: JGBL TOP 80 SHOWCASE AUGUSTA GA

Strengths- Good rebounder, plays hard, and always knows where to be and as a result the ball

finds her. Good understanding of the game.

Weaknesses- Ball handling and shooting. Ball didn't display any signs of a perimeter game.

Going forward- Will need to develop a perimeter game. Even if Ball is an undersized forward in

the future, she can be effective in pick and pop situations and DHO’s (dribble hand off) if she

improves her ball handling and shooting.

Jazzlyn McMillan 2027 5’8” G Columbia, SC: JGBL TOP 80 SHOWCASE AUGUSTA GA

Strengths- Excels in transition. Has good size for the position. High IQ. Does a great job

creating for herself and others. Capable shooter.

Weaknesses- Settles for the jump shot too often. With McMillan’s size she should catch the ball

closer to scoring areas. Needs to make quicker decisions in the half court setting.

Going Forward- I would like to see Jazzlyn catch the ball closer to the 3pt line. From there I

think she can be really dangerous using jabs and pump fakes to get the defender off balance

and then using her size to attack the basket. She has the size to score in the paint and the

talent to make plays for others. This will set up the jump shot that she loves!

Sanai McKenzie-Watson 2027 5’10” F Grovetown, GA: JGBL TOP 80 SHOWCASE AUGUSTA GA

Strengths- Aggressive rebounder, high motor, and competes at a high level. Very good athlete. Plays within herself. Good defender with great length.

Weaknesses- Offensive game is developing. Had a tough time getting her shot off against taller players..

Going forward- Very intrigued by Sanai’s size and athleticism. She needs to work on ball handling and shooting. With the natural ability she possesses, and the improvement upon the fundamentals, Sanai could become a wing who excels in transition and a lockdown perimeter defender. 

Elise Graybill 2026 5’2” PG Augusta, GA: JGBL TOP 80 SHOWCASE AUGUSTA GA

Strengths- TOUGHNESS!!! Competes on both ends at a high level. Strong right driver. Good ball handler. Shot maker. Good on the ball and off the ball defender. Confidence.

Weaknesses- Going left. Shooting with range.

Going forward- If Elise spends more time working on attacking the basket going left and shooting off the dribble, she could become a complete guard.

Whitney Quick 2026 5’5” G Vinemont, AL: JGBL TOP 80 SHOWCASE AUGUSTA GA

Strengths- Shooter with range. Can create her own shot off the dribble. Team player. Good ball handler.

Weaknesses- Didn't impact winning in other ways when her shot was not falling.

Going forward- Whitney has the ability to be more than a shooter. I would like to see her use not only her ball handling skills to attack and get to the line but also the pump fake. It is important for shooters to see the ball go in when their shot is not falling. If she can add those things to her game she will be a big time scorer! 

Ella Casing 2027 5’0” PG Canton, GA: JGBL TOP 80 SHOWCASE AUGUSTA GA

Strengths- Good offensive player. Can create for herself and others. Good shooter with time. Can finish in the lane over size. Above average passer. Coachable

Weaknesses- Small frame made it tough to defend and create against the more physical and bigger guards.

Going forward- Continue to improve her already good skill set. Work on getting separation off the dribble and shooting quicker. Because of Ella’s size it is important for that first dribble out of change of direction moves to be explosive and cover as much ground as possible.   

India Williams 2026 5’7” PG Blythewood, SC: JGBL TOP 80 SHOWCASE AUGUSTA GA

Strengths- Great defender!!! Has great size for the position. Creates for others. Uses her athleticism and creation off the bounce to get to the basket and finish.

Weaknesses- Deferred too much. I would like to see her go demand the basketball because good things usually happen when she has it. Shooting from behind the arc.

Going forward- India is advanced for her age at understanding the point guard position. Once she adds the 3pt shot to her arsenal she will really take a jump as a player.

Jayla Ayler 2028 5’6” G Evans, GA: JGBL TOP 80 SHOWCASE AUGUSTA GA

Strengths- Jayla creates for others, can get in the paint off the dribble, finishes with both hands, and is a smart defender.

Weaknesses- Motor. All of her strengths become weaknesses when she doesn't exert herself. Shooting, mostly due to her hand placement on the ball.

Going forward- Jayla has the ability to be a really good player in her class. Once she learns to play hard and energetic every possession her game will take off. She needs to do form shooting daily with the correct hand placement on the ball. 

Halle Wilson 2026 6’0” F/C Gainesville, GA: JGBL TOP 80 SHOWCASE AUGUSTA GA

Strengths- Good offensive rebounder. Did a good job of keeping the ball high after post entries. Uses her body well to carve out space for passes and rebounding position.

Weaknesses-Hasn’t developed offensively, footwork, and confidence.

Going forward- Halle has to work on footwork and develop a go to post move. Eventually she will need to play facing the basket and attack using her size. Could be really good in pick n roll scenarios.

Ginny Anne Dumont 2027 5;6” G Greenville, SC: JGBL TOP 80 SHOWCASE AUGUSTA GA

Strengths- Very skilled. Good off the bounce with the ability to create for herself and others. Has deep range. Great understanding of the game. Wants to be coached hard.

Weaknesses- Finishing through contact. 

Going forward- As GA gets stronger she will live at the free throw line. She has a really smooth game and should develop into a big time scorer. I would like to see her improve her mid range game off the dribble.

Kailen Parks 2026 5’8” G Lexington, SC: JGBL TOP 80 SHOWCASE AUGUSTA GA

Strengths- Good athlete that plays within herself. Good shooter and passer.

Weaknesses- Kailen is a good driver but doesn’t go left and is a straight line driver at this point. Would like to see her change direction once she gets going off the dribble. Getting her shot off quicker.

Going forward- Kailen has good size for either guard position. Once she becomes a better ball handler she will be more of a threat offensively. Although a good shooter at this point, she will need to have a quicker release in the future. 

Kinley Hawkins 2026 5’6” G Gainesville, GA: JGBL TOP 80 SHOWCASE AUGUSTA GA

Strengths- Kinley plays for the team. Makes the right decisions on when to shoot and pass. Plays hard which I believe is a skill that not everyone has. Fundamentally sound.

Weaknesses- Needs to be more aggressive. Ball handling and shooting

Going forward- If Kinley works on her ball handling and shooting she can be a solid rotation player that can help a team win. She has the other characteristics that make her a great fit for a winning team

Kenadie Weaver 2027 5’7” F Augusta, GA: JGBL TOP 80 SHOWCASE AUGUSTA GA

Strengths- Great athlete that runs the floor well. Does a great job of using her length defensively to come up with deflections, steals, and blocks.

Weaknesses- Like many great athletes at this age, Kenadie’s offensive game is in the developing stage. Ball handling and shooting.

Going forward- If Kenadie works on ball handling and shooting she could be a player that excels in transition. I love her energy and defensive stopper potential and adding the offensive tools could make her complete.

Ryanne Arrington 2026 5’7” F Grovetown, GA: JGBL TOP 80 SHOWCASE AUGUSTA GA

Strengths- Ryanne brings great energy and effort. Good athlete that attacks the offensive glass. Good defender.

Weaknesses- Ball handling and shooting. Offensive skill set

Going forward- Ryanne has to continue to work on ball handling and shooting. She has to add those skills to her energy and effort to take the next step as a player.